About SYIS

SYIS was founded in 1998 by the International Schools of China (ISC), a United States non-profit organization committed to educational work in China. Including the establishment of international schools for expatriate children and promoting cultural understanding and educational exchanges. The ISC schools are:

Shenyang International School (SYIS) offers academically excellent programs to meet the intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of students.

SYIS serves children of foreign nationals and expatriates working for companies in the Shenyang area. Our school offers an American curriculum and a college preparatory system of instruction. We also believe that our students’ success depends on parental participation, and we strive to create strong relationships with both parent and child.

Because SYIS has built up programs with other international schools in China throughout the years, students and teachers are able to participate in national-wide programs where they can interact with others outside of their immediate school. Students compete in basketball, volleyball and soccer tournaments, while teachers attend an annual development conference and share best practices. The opportunity to be a part of this larger, inter-connected community is just one of the many ways in which the SYIS experience is unique.


Why Choose a Western Education?

If you’re considering a western education for the first time, you may be wondering how it differs from other educational systems. A western style emphasizes the development of students as individuals by encouraging them to compete against themselves, rather than their peers, and by focusing on all areas of growth. Including intellectual, spiritual, physical, social and emotional development. To achieve this, SYIS focuses on curriculum that is appropriate for the maturity level of the student and allows for periods of play or rest as necessary. This doesn’t mean it is a less challenging curriculum, but instead it challenges students to use critical thinking skills as opposed to strict memorization of facts.

Another facet of the western education is the emphasis on diversity. Students’ experiences with different people and cultures makes them well prepared to perform in future international settings, including college. However, one of the most important success factors in a western education is parental participation, whereby SYIS and parents work together as a team to prepare students for the future.


Our Shenyang International School was founded in 1998 by the International School of China (ISC) with the main purpose of supporting foreign families in China who wanted to give their children an international education in a multi-cultural environment. The school began with only eighteen students and three foreign teachers. Currently, we have more than two hundred and fifty students from over ten different nationalities, and more than thirty foreign teachers.

After being established in Shenyang, the school moved a few times while trying to find a campus that contained the kind of facilities we needed to offer the best international education possible. We have settled in the Dongling District close to the New Hunnan District, where students enjoy the use of many modern educational conveniences, such as our large sports facilities for indoor and outdoor activities, an extensive library for scholastic research, science and technology labs, and other rooms where children can explore and perfect their handcraft abilities.

We are happy to share a history not only of hard work, but also of love and passion for the exceptional education that we have been able to provide here in the northeast of China.

Our new campus is able to contain many more children, and we look forward to growing in the future. Come and be part of a great history!

Mission Statement

SYIS provides a North American college-preparatory education from a Judeo-Christian worldview for international students in junior kindergarten to grade 12 who are residing in the Shenyang Area.

Accreditation and Memberships


SYIS is accredited by WASC.

  • WASC stands for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. WASC is the accrediting body for public and private K-12 schools and colleges in California, the Pacific and East Asia. Holding WASC accreditation means that SYIS has the same status as an American school. As such, students’ diplomas are acceptable to any American university. SYIS first gained WASC accreditation in 2006. In 2012, they successfully completed the re-accreditation process and were granted another 6 year term of accreditation, the longest term granted by WASC. For more information on the WASC organization, accrediting process or accrediting criteria, see their website at http://www.acswasc.org/


SYIS a member of ACAMIS and ACSI.

  • ACAMIS stands for Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Schools. Membership in this organization gives SYIS teachers a chance to attend conferences and trainings. It also gives students a chance to participate in interscholastic competitions from time to time. In the past, SYIS has attended the ACAMIS chess tournament. For further information, see the ACAMIS website at http://www.acamis.org/
  • ACSI stands for Association of Christian Schools International. ACSI offers teacher certification, access to resources and attendance at conferences. SYIS teachers usually attend the International Children’s Educators Conference (ICEC) once every three or four years. For further information, see the ACSI website at http://www.acsiglobal.org/