Type of Fee:

Parents who pay the full year’s tuition in RMB by May 31, 2017 will receive 2% discount.

For new students only – prior to registration                ¥500

Returning students                  ¥10,000

New students                          ¥22,000

ECC (for 3,4 and 5 year olds)                                ¥75,000

Grades one through five                                         ¥170,000

Grades six through eight                                        ¥174,500

Grades nine through twelve                                   ¥181,000

Additional Services                         ¥20,000

An additional fee may be charged for locations outside of the usual route.
Bus fee covers the morning and afternoon (15:40) routes. Extra fees will be charged for extracurricular and non-routine buses.


Tuition Payment Options:

Due May 31

ECC:                 ¥73,500

Grades 1-5:      ¥166,600

Grades 6-8:      ¥171,010

Grades 9-12:    ¥177,380

Due Aug. 17

ECC:                  ¥75,000

Grades 1-5:       ¥170,000

Grades 6-8:       ¥174,500

Grades 9-12:     ¥181,000

Due Aug.17 , Jan. 8

ECC:                 ¥39,375 (x2)

Grades 1-5:      ¥89,250 (×2)

Grades 6-8:      ¥91,613 (×2)

Grades 9-12:    ¥95,025 (×2)

Due Aug. 17, Oct. 23, Jan. 8, Mar.26

ECC:                ¥20,063 (x4)

Grades 1-5:      ¥45,475 (×4)

Grades 6-8:      ¥46,679 (×4)

Grades 9-12:    ¥48,418 (×4)

Click on the below links to download the appropriate form(s).

* SYIS employs the RMB as its base currency. For USD installment payments, the exchange rate will be the middle point between the buying and the selling rate as established by the Bank of China on the last business day of the prior month. Contact the finance department to confirm the exchange rate.

Late Fees:

  • The school will provide one payment notice. Parents are responsible to make payments according to the payment schedule on the payment plan form completed by both the parents and the finance department.

  • Payments 7 days late which include weekends and holidays are subject to a ¥500 late fee unless other arrangements have been made with the finance office. If payments are 15 days or more late, the student may be denied re-enrollment for the following semester or next year. Report cards and transcripts will be withheld from students whose accounts are delinquent. Only one payment notice will be emailed and it is the responsibility of the parents to keep a record of due dates.


  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that a) payment is properly made and b) the school is properly notified of payment.

  • Registration is not considered complete until enrollment fee has been received. Capital and registration fee have been combined under “enrollment fee”.

  • The enrollment fee is not refundable.

  • The tuition is refundable according to the policy stated below.

  • Payment made by telegraphic transfer (TT) should be sent to the address below. All transfer fees must be charged to your account, not taken out of school tuition. Please provide a copy of the bank transfer receipt to the school Finance Department with your student’s name and grade within three days of the transfer.

To Be Announced

a. Student’s name as listed on the school roster

b. Student’s grade level

c. Contact the finance department for exchange rate

名称: 沈阳远见国际学校

开户行: 中国银行辽宁省分行

账号: 288256762056

* Please instruct your bank to charge transfer fees to your account.

  • In case of an early withdrawal with unpaid tuition or fees still outstanding, the student’s school records will not be released or transferred until that account is paid in full.

  • To ensure that a seat will be held for your student, all enrollment forms and fees must be submitted before the first day of school.

Tuition Fee Refund Policy:

  • IMPORTANT REFUND INFORMATION: Refunds will not be given if original fapiao is not returned to the finance department.


  • The registration and capital fee have been combined under the “enrollment fee” and is payable annually at registration and is non-refundable.


  • If a student withdraws early, tuition and bus fees will only be refunded for full or half quarters not attended. If a student applies and is accepted into the school after the commencement of the school year, tuition will be charged for the full or half quarter of entry and all subsequent quarters. An exception to the refund policy is ES/Special Ed. fee. This fee is 10,000 RMB per semester, payable in the first payment, and is only refundable at the end of the semester if a student withdraws early. The ES/Special Ed. fee is refundable by semester only, not quarterly.


  • No portion of tuition shall be refunded for a student dismissed by expulsion or withdrawn for disciplinary reasons.


  • Tuition and fees are not transferable to another student or another school.