School Profile

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Policies & Procedure

SYIS adheres to the following administrative procedures and safety policies:

Office Hour

Office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Visiting parents and other school visitors must check in with the first floor office and with the guards to receive a parent or visitor badge before entering the school.  Staff in the first floor reception office can provide visitors with information or help visitors contact staff members.

Former students, alumni, and friends will only be allowed to attend classes if permission is granted by the administration.  These visitors must meet all behavioral and dress code regulations of SYIS.  They must check in with the first floor office and the guards as soon as they arrive so that their whereabouts will be known should they need to be contacted.  Visitors must check out when leaving the building.

Textbook Policy

The school will provide student textbooks.  Students must take all measures to ensure that the books are not damaged beyond ordinary wear.  Students will be assessed fines for damaged or lost books, which are set by the principal.


SYIS provides transportation to school athletic events for students and teachers involved. Buses depart from and arrive at the school. If there is space available, spectators may fill those seats.

Fire Drills and Emergency Building Evacuations

Every quarter, SYIS conducts at least one fire drill or emergency evacuation. Detailed procedures and evacuation routes are posted in every classroom. Students are expected to follow their teacher’s direction

Medical Emergency Procedures

In case of a serious illness or accident, SYIS will contact the family by phone and request the parents to pick up the ill or injured child at the school.

We will not allow a student to return home without proof that an adult is at home. If the family cannot be contacted and immediate treatment is required, the student will be taken to the appropriate medical facilities.


Students are covered by a minimal, local insurance policy for accidents/deaths that occur during school hours. We encourage parents to provide their own insurance in case of an emergency.

National Emergencies

SYIS is in communication with the US Consulate in Shenyang. In the event of an evacuation, we encourage parents to contact their own embassy.