Dear SYIS Community,

Thank you again for supporting the Philippines Service Trip! The 2016 team had a great 10 days in both Manila and Tacloban. Some highlights in Manila were teaching Kindergarten and 1st grade classes, hosting a Sports Day event for children ages 3-16, reuniting with our friends at the Children’s Home and Journey for Hope Ministries, and also a special feeding at Trash Mountain. The construction projects this year included digging sewers for community homes and moving dirt that will eventually be leveled into a soccer field. In Tacloban, the students worked on building the 3rd floor of the new building adjacent to the ministry center, called the Lighthouse. They were able to serve during the daily feedings and host many events for the community children.

Your donations and support during our fundraising trip made this trip possible! We were able to donate towards the Children’s Home, Journey for Hope (a street kids’ ministry), Children’s Garden (a local boys’ home for abandoned teens), the Lighthouse and disaster relief efforts in Tacloban, and also made a large contribution towards the medical costs of a new Filipino friend, Pastor Ramil, who is battling cancer. The students were truly about to “Learn About Love” and service during the trip!

To read student stories and see pictures, visit:

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