At SYIS, we believe in educating the whole child. This includes teaching our students matters of the heart. It also means that we teach our students to work as a community to serve others.

Over Chun Jie break, some of our students demonstrated these values by traveling to the Philippines to serve the orphaned, the hungry and the poor. Each of them raised money and gave up their vacation to express compassion for those less fortunate than themselves. In this issue, some of our students tell us, in their own words, what they did on the service trip and what it meant to them.

One of the places we were able to serve was the Children’s Home. It is a home for orphans and other children whose parents are not able to raise them due to their resources. The ages of the children varied from 2 to 20. ISC teams visited the Children’s Home almost every night to lead devotions.

Before the ISC team began the devotion, the children from the Children’s Home would sing two or three worship songs for us. This is one of the most touching parts of our time with them, since it showed how much they loved us.

After the children sang, the ISC teams lead the devotion. Each of our teams lead one devotion each night. The devotions included three to four worship songs, one Bible story skit, and one or two games. At the end of the devotion, everyone formed a prayer group of around six people and asked each other’s prayer request. Every devotion ended with us praying for each other. The devotions lasted one hour each evening, and this was the time we were able to learn more about the children from Children’s Home.

-Sharon Kim

My team had the opportunity to work with boys and girls from the Children’s Garden. It is a home for boys who have trouble with their family or society. Fifteen boys and two girls live there. They learn about God and are encouraged to pursue their education.

They have a garden as their backyard, and our group went there to help them plant seeds and cut bamboo for fencing. We also went there for dinner a couple of times. The children there were very friendly and loved music and dance. The Children Garden residents traveled with us to a local neighborhood to lead children in praise music, crafts, games and skits. We also played a basketball game another day with ISC boys against Children’s Garden boys. Our group became very close with them in a very short time.

 -Hwang Jun Yeong

The Philippines Service Trip Members were blessed to be able to serve the people of the Philippines in many ways this past Chinese New Year. One way we served the Filipinos was by going on feedings. This means that we took highly nutritious food to people who did not have much food. We scooped food into the little dishes they brought us, played with children, and occasionally passed out toys, shoes, and even candy. This year, each of our teams also had the privilege of going to Trash Mountain where we met Pastor Ramill and his family, who reach out to the people on Trash Mountain and for whom we have been praying a long time. Trash Mountain, also called Smokey Mountain, used to be a landfill. It has subsequently been covered with dirt and vegetation has started to grow. Many poor families live on top of Trash Mountain. Here, we washed the dirt off of children’s hands and faces, distributed food, shared a story from the Bible, and tended to minor medical needs. Going on these feedings were great opportunities to not only tend to the physical needs of the Filipinos, but also to share with them hope and love.

-Louisa Klein

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