With Korean universities preparing to start classes on March 1, 2017, SYIS is very pleased to announce the college placement of all the graduates of the Class of 2016. SYIS continues to support our hard-working students and parents to meet their college educational goals.

The class of 2016 in alphabetical order is:

Cho Han Young–Moody Bible Institute, USA;
Hwang Jun Woo–Yonsei University, Korea;
William Jarrell–Mississippi State University, USA;
Jin Yoo Dam–Gachon University, Korea;
Joo Young Kwang–Torrens University, Australia;
Lara Kasperowski–Gap Year at Northeastern University, China; Kim Seong Do–Yonsei University, Korea;
Kim Jisu–Chung Ang University, Korea;
Lee Hwa Young–Seoul National University, Korea; David Lee–The University of British Columbia, Canada; Lou Jewen–Savannah College of Art and Design, USA; Moon Ho Young –Yonsei University, Korea;
Marie Meindl–University of Erfurt, Germany;
Na Young Hye–Korea University, Korea;
Seo Seong Kyu–SeJong University, Korea.

John Waters and Hwang Jun Yeong recently studied Chromatography in their high school Chemistry class. The experiment demonstrated capillarity, its relationship with water tension and the function of light across the color spectrum.

Jung Byeolha made a beautiful Valentine’s day card for her parents with her class mates in fourth grade.

Our Kindergarteners had so much fun celebrating the 100th day of school! They dressed like they were 100 years old, read 100th day books, ate 100 cereal snacks, used 100 stickers, sorted 100 items, made a 100s puzzle, wrote about being 100, exercised 100 times and counted to 100!

Our second graders recently performed research on conservation and recycling in the Maker Space.

Encourage your students to submit their creations for the First Annual Maker Hero Games. Trophies will be awarded for Most Thoroughly Researched, Outstanding Presentation and Most Creative. All students are encouraged to submit an entry.