SYIS offers a roaring tiger’s welcome to our new student, Lee Suah. She joined our seventh grade this week. Suah loves drawing, dodgeball and K-pop. Her favorite subject is Mathematics. Suah studied at SYIS years ago before she returned to Korea. Welcome back Suah!

SYIS welcomes new students, Lee Sumin and Lee Suji who joined our third grade last week. Sumin loves to draw and jump rope. Her favorite class is Art and her favorite color is pink. Suji loves to write stories. Her favorite sport is basketball and her favorite color is yellow.

After a week of studying all about firefighters and fire safety, Kindergarten took a field trip to the local Fire Station! The students got to sit in the trucks, climb the ladders, and wear the firefighter’s clothes! They had a GREAT field trip to enhance their learning.

Our middle school students created a scale model of our solar system. Using research and mathematics, they illustrated the vast dimensions of space that separate the planets and our sun. They also shared their findings with some of our elementary students.

Our ECC and elementary students celebrated the magical works of Dr. Seuss this week! He wrote many books that have captured the imaginations of children around the world. Your children can find his works in our library.

Our art department decorated our atrium for Dr. Seuss week with a display reminiscent of the larger than life floral motifs that were a hallmark of his books.

Next week SYIS will be sending students to the iSC Fine Arts Festival in Tianjin. This event celebrates the visual, vocal and instrumental arts. Art students will display paintings, drawings and sculpture for viewing and competition. Our music students will sing in a mass choir, joined by students from our sister schools in Chengdu, Qingdao, Tianjin, Wuhan, Wuxi and Yantai. This year the iSC is bringing in guest conductor Crystal Henricks of DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

Theresa Namgoon produced this work for her AP art class. It was inspired by her homeland, Korea. Some of her work will be displayed at the iSC arts festival next week.