SYIS sent a delegation to the Model United Nations | International Schools Consortium conference in Qingdao. Over 400 delegates were present. Anna Foster and Alice Kim represented Poland in the General Conference and Disarmament Commission, collaborating with other delegates to propose and refine solutions to serious world issues such as the wealth gap between developed and developing nations and the regulation of unmanned aerial vehicles in combat. Alice and Anna researched for months in preparation for the conference. They diplomatically represented their assigned country, confidently endorsing certain delegates’ ideas and respectfully disagreeing with others’. Alice and Anna applied their critical thinking skills, public speaking expertise, and awareness of current events in a manner that demonstrated true accomplishment of academic skills and content.

First graders, Zoe Miller and Christy So use a retelling rope as they recount a story. This device uses concrete symbols to assist the students as they remember literary narratives.

Our third graders applied fractions to one of their favorite foods: Pizza. Pictured are Reaka Wu, Eunho Kim and Xenia Michel. Whose pizza looks the tastiest to you?

The Pre-Algebra class has been studying ratios and proportions and applying their skills to make scale drawings and models of famous landmarks around the globe. Students researched the dimensions of these famous structures and then chose an appropriate scale to determine the dimensions of their drawing and model. Sean Lee chose the Colosseum of ancient Rome. It is not only one of the most enduring masterpieces of architecture, but also one of the most historically significant buildings in the world.

Some of our art students are competing at the International Schools Consortium Arts Festival today. The above photo was taken at last year’s festival.

SYIS sent students this weekend to sing with the festival choir of the International Schools Consortium. This year’s choir will be conducted by Crystal Henrick of DePaul University in Chicago, IL. Henrick previously served as the music director for SYIS. Like our students, our former teachers go out into the world to accomplish great things. Pictured above is the 2016 Choir.

You are invited to the

Art Show 2017

AP Studio Art Design & Drawing

Opening reception: March 13

@11:30- 1:50

Come to the SYIS lobby to enjoy art collections and pieces by Joyelle Lee & Theresa Namkoong

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

-Pablo Picasso