Last week our K5 class learned about the jobs of the many people who work hard to keep our school operating smoothly. Our kitchen staff are a very important part of our school. They make delicious and nutritious food to help our students grow strong and healthy. Our K5 students listened intently as they learned how to bake.

Our school is blessed with an excellent maintenance staff. Mr. Steffen explained some of the tools we use to maintain our school to our K5 students.

Tool safety is a critical lesson for everyone to learn. One of our most important and delicate organs is our eyes. Kim Jung Hun learns how to use eye protection.

Our students of the month were (from left) Andrada Iancu, Bok Gahyun, Sophia Lee, Xenia Michel, Jose Maria Flores, Zoe Miller, Shin Yunha, Emily Arai and Louisa Klein.

Our school play is just two short weeks away. Every year our theatrical department brings us a fabulous production. This year they are presenting one of the most beloved musicals ever written. Our cast have been working hard to make this year’s play the best ever. See a cast member today to purchase your ticket.

The theme for International Day this year is Colors of the World. In honor of that theme, our art department has decorated our atrium with the many colors of the sea.

Come celebrate International Day with us this Wednesday!