Our Lady Tigers won a smashing victory at the iSC soccer tournament, taking 1st place! This was for the first time in SYIS history that our girls soccer team won this contest. Their team captain, Louisa Klein, contributed this article:

We won 1st place at the soccer tournament last week! Although there were several aspects of the weekend in which we had to be flexible, our team stood strong and adjusted quickly. It has been a great season and all of our hard work has paid off! I am so proud of each one of my teammates for fighting hard and playing strong. It has been a pleasure to lead this team for the past several years as captain of the team and I have seen so much growth in each of these girls. Although everyone’s skills have improved, the greatest growth that I have witnessed is that of our friendships. Instead of breaking down our huddles with a loud “Tigers!” cheer, we always shouted “Family!” I truly believe that family is what we have become.

A special thanks goes out to Faith Waters for being the missing piece to the puzzle as our only middle school girl to join. She was the one who gave us enough players to form a team. Thank you for showing such strong leadership and enthusiasm!

I would also like to acknowledge our goalkeeper, Theresa NamKoong for doing a phenomenal job! She fearlessly stopped countless shots and showed perseverance.

I am so proud of Bethany Gray, Anna Foster, Olivia Foster, Alice Kim, Jiwon Kam, and Naomi Delgado for never giving up and giving it all they had. Through the exceptional coaching and training of Mr. Gray, we had the skills to bring our team from last to first in one day! Thank you Mr. Gray for coaching us for so many years! A special thanks is also given to Miss Chase for all the encouragement and support she offered our team. Special thanks also goes to Gloria Lee for caring for our needs and being the “mama tiger” to us all! Mr. Vuniwaqa is also very appreciated for the time he spent helping both the boys and girls teams! It has definitely been a fantastic way to end the last iSC event of 2017!

Our boys won a hard fought victory over Qingdao! The team included Coach Vuniwaqa, Julian Klein, Jesse Kang, Tony Hyeon, Jun Yeong, Josh Lee and John Waters.

Our school play is just one short week away. Every year our theatrical department brings us a fabulous production. This year they are presenting one of the most beloved musicals ever written. Our cast has been working hard to make this year’s play the best ever. See a cast member today to purchase your ticket. You can also purchase a ticket from the front desk.