Congratulations to our drama department for a great triumph! They transported us to the Austrian Alps in their production of The Sound of Music. In this moving story, Mother Abbess (Anna Foster) must send a kind but unruly postulant, Maria Rainer (Louisa Klein), to serve as the governess for the Von Trapp family.

Franz (Josiah Stone) and Frau Schmidt (Theresa Namkoong) explain to Captain von Trapp (Brian So, seated) the necessity of finding a governess that can manage his disobedient children.

Captain Von Trapp runs his family as if he is on one of his battle ships. The children are forced to study all morning and march all afternoon. They are forbidden to sing music. The Von Trapp children are played by Alice Kim, Jesse Kang, Joyelle Lee, David Choi, Olive Choi, Xenia Michel and Lisa Michel.

Maria brings new life into the Von Trapp home by teaching the children to sing!

Rolfe (Daniel Kang) woos Liesel von Trapp (Alice Kim) with his age and wisdom.

Captain von Trapp (Brian So) and Max Detweiller (Julian Klein) have tea with the alluring but cold Baroness von Schrader (Debbie Vuniwaqa).

Captain von Trapp throws a party in honor of Baroness von Schrader. Pictured are Anna Foster, Joshua Lee, In Sung Jung, Jiwon Kam, Sean Lee, Sharon Kim, Charlie Li and Niah Pe.

Captain von Schrader professes his love for Maria.

Mother Abbess advises Maria to Climb Every Mountain in search of her dream. Maria and Captain von Trapp lead their children over the Alps to escape Hitler’s regime.

Congratulation to the entire cast of The Sound of Music. Thank you to our director, Mrs. Hannah Fong, and our Assistant Director, Miss Abi Roy for a great success.